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Terms of Service

1.  Listing Guidelines.
Our Online Shopping Mall is "family" friendly and "Web Index" friendly, therefore, we reserve the right to edit, delete, or refuse any information that may be deemed "improper" by our webmasters.

The following list includes, but IS NOT, limited to the types of stores we DO NOT accept:

A.  Gambling or Gambling Related online Stores.
B.  Sexually Oriented Pharmaceuticals
C.  Adult online stores, online stores that sell or promote drugs, sex, or illegal content.
D.  Online Stores that sell, promote, or advertise the sell of objectionable content.
E.  Online Stores that re-direct to any of the stores listed above.

2.  Web Search Placement.
Due the nature of the internet (it changes a lot, everything is evolving, nothing remains permanent), we CAN NOT and WILL NOT make any gaurantees as to the "web search" placement or index ranking of our online mall on any of the search indexes.  Our webmasters are always working to improve our online mall SEO in an effort to maximize our web search placement.

3.  Your Online Store Placement.
Your online Store will be listed in the order in which it is received.  We will not place more than 10 competitor online stores on each page to ensure that shoppers see your store. This excludes limited banner advertising from sponsor online stores.

4.  Notice of Intent.
We will not, knowingly, accept promotional material from businesses or individuals who sell, promote, or advertise materials that may otherwise be considered objectionable.  All of our online store content is manually inputed by our webmasters, therefore, if any of your online store information is listed incorrectly, simply notify our webmasters via email and we will correct the error(s).

5.  No Refund Policy.
All Subscription Charges are FINAL.  No refunds will be given, EVEN if you cancel your subscription before it ends. If you knowingly register an online store that violates ANY of our "listed" Listing Guidelines, your online store WILL NOT be placed in our Online Shopping Mall and your Subscription Charges WILL NOT be refunded.  If you edit or change your online store content information and it violates any of our Lisiting Guidlines, you will be notified and given a chance to modify your information, however, your online store will be removed from the Online Shopping Mall until such corrections are verified by our webmasters. Repeated violations of this nature may result in your online store being banned from our Online Shopping Mall.  If you decide to shut down your online store, it is YOUR responsibility to cancel your subscription BEFORE the next Subscription Charges occur.  Subscription Charges will continue to occur UNTIL YOU cancel your Subscription. We will WILL NOT be responsible for the any charges you may occur because of an automatic subscription payment.

6.  Merchant Privacy Policy.
Your e-mail address and other sensitive information will not be given, traded or sold to any third party businesses or individuals. We may send periodic e-mails and newsletters to inform you about news, service enhancements, statistics and improvements of Online Shopping Mall You can cancel those e-mailings anytime by contacting us via email.

7.  Editing Your Site Information.
We will not change any online store listing information you enter into our registration form unless you request and/or we attempt to contact you first.

8.  Removal of Listings
If you decide to shut down your online store, change your domain name/URL, or if you redirect your URL to somewhere not appropriate to be listed in our Online Shopping Mall, we reserve the right to remove your online store listing, without a notice or a refund.

9.  Subscription Management.
When you purchase our service through our registration form and make your payment with PayPal, you will be required to provide our webmasters with banner code for your online store listing.  The required banner size is (468w x 60h).  If you do not have a banner, our webmasters may be able to assist you.  You will also be required to provide our webmasters with your online store business description. Our webmasters will analyze your content and will advise you on required changes in order to maintain maximum SEO of our shopping mall.

This version effective: April 1, 2008
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